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Thematic Issues
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1 - VOLUME 1 (1999), ISSUE 1 (SUMMER)

The President’s Editorial

1. Patrick HUNOUT, The Troubled Waters of the Power’s Policy

EMU and the Politics of the European Union : The New Leviathan

2. Patrick HUNOUT & Patrick ZILTENER, European Monetary Union : The New Leviathan

The Dangers of ‘Pure’ Economics

3. Marcelo E. AFTALION, Argentina : Beware of Conventional Economists and their Peso Perversion

The Erosion of the Social Link in Economically Advanced Societies (to be continued)

4. Pamela A. GELLER & Evelyn A. OROZCO, Changes in Cultural Benchmarks in the Multiethnic United States

5. Alan WOLFE, Developing Civil Society : Can the Workplace replace Bowling?

UK: The Gropings of Third Way Politics

6. Henry TAM, Third Way Politics and Communitarian Ideas : Time to Take a Stand

Communitarian Movement : The Progressive Version

7. Charles DERBER, Communitarian Economics : Criticisms and Suggestions from the Left

Migration Policy to France and Germany (Thematic Issue)

8. Patrick HUNOUT & al. (French Version), Immigration et Identité en France et en Allemagne


2 - VOLUME 1  (1999), ISSUE 2 (WINTER)

The President’s Editorial

1. Patrick HUNOUT, A Bridge to the Future

Economic Internationalization

2. Thomas CLARKE and Stewart CLEGG, The Paradoxes of Globalization

3 . David BARKIN, Financial Globalization and Sustainable Development in Mexico

4. Christine DORAN & Jim JOSE, Riding the Tigers of Globalization : International Challenges facing Singapore

Business On International Level

5. Maya DAVID, Trading in an Intercultural Context : the Case of Malaysia

6. Michael CANT & Annekie BRINK, Black retailing in South Africa, A ten-point plan for survival

7. Olivier BOIRAL & Isabelle DOSTALER, International Environmental Standards : the next passport to the Global Market?

8. Zhan SU, Successful Managers in International Joint-Ventures in China

The Erosion of the Social Link in Economically Advanced Societies

9. Michael LEICHT, The Importance of Social Capital for Europe

Migration Policy to France and Germany (Thematic Issue)

10. Patrick HUNOUT & al. (German Version), Immigration und Identität in Deutschland und Frankreich



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