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Thematic Issues
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VOLUME 3 (2001), ISSUE 5  (SUMMER)


POLITICIANS, WHAT FOR? Neo-degenerate democracy, globalization, sovereignty of the people, and the rule of law




At present, democracy is an illegitimate form of government of "most of the people" - the economic and political "have nots", by and for a privileged few - the economic and political "haves"; and the latter couldn’t care less about deluding the masses regarding how power is exercized. Power is primarily in the hands of a global network of, often but not always, non sancta cliques, euphemistically called elites that should be properly called Mafias. To make things worse, the "rule of law" is devoid of substance. Law is not an exact science. It’s shilly a mere technique for social control. The law is what the judges - politically, economically and socially biased - decide to call so. Shouldn’t we call the hegemonically leading form of government a neo-degenerate democracy? Couldn’t we agree to find a way to overcome this perversion? We could start discussing a "technodemocracy", with no politicians (instead, three international consulting firms, that would replace the Executive and the Legislative Powers, in charge of the Administration), and a democratically and directly elected Judiciary, a Supreme Court of Justice included. The strong, hierarchically privileged Controlling Supreme Office, elected the same way as the Judiciary, would be in charge of selecting and severely supervising the consulting firms. On top of everything, a very detailed Constitution. Which should give priority to fraternity, liberty, equality, in this new order, by means of operational definitions and a normative redistribution of wealth and income, quantitatively stated.


Democracy - Politicians - Globalization - Mafias - Political Class - Law - Power


Marcelo AFTALION is a sociologist and a lawyer, a former associate professor of Sociology of Law at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a member of the American Sociological Association, the Asia-Pacific Sociological Association, the International Sociological Association, the Society for the Advancement of Socio -Economics, and of the Law & Society Association.


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