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Thematic Issues
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1 - VOLUME 4  (2002), ISSUE 7 (SUMMER)

Immigration and Cultural Identity in the Economically Advanced Countries, the Case of Germany and France (Special Issue, Part II)

Dr Geller's Editorial 

1. Pamela A. GELLER and Ellen MOORE-BOOHAR, Nations respond to fear

Immigration as a Strategy 

2. Michel GRIGNON, The Impact of Immigration on the Workforce in Receiving Countries : the Economic Pros and Cons of Immigration

3. Patrick HUNOUT, The SocioPolitical Objectives of the  Recourse to Immigration

4. Hervé LE BRAS,  "Natalism" and "Populationnism" in France : Remanence and Transitions of the Ideologies

5. Albert BASTENIER, State and Society : the Reactions of the Original French Population to Immigration

6. Patrick HUNOUT, A Strategy of the Leviathan

The Effects of Immigration on Our Societies

7. Michèle TRIBALAT, Cultural Assimilation of the Foreigners and Societal Integration in France

8. Dominique DUPREZ, Kids of Migrants in the Housing Estates in French Cities : an uncertain future

9. Michel ORIOL and Marina HILY, New Kinship Structures in France : A Field Approach 

10. Peter NOACK, The Attitude of German Young People Towards Foreigners

11. Wolfgang SEIFERT, The Changing Profile of Immigration to Germany : Analysis Over Time

12. Bernhard NAUCK, Cultural Transmittal from One Generation to Another : Differences between Turks who migrated to Germany and Turks who Remained in Turkey


13. Bibliography



2 - VOLUME 4  (2002), ISSUE 8 (WINTER)


Editorial, by Patrick Hunout and Todd Holden

1. Patrick HUNOUT and Todd Joseph Miles HOLDEN, The New Leviathan, Tolkien, and "Empire"

Globalization, Social Destabilization and Terrorism 

2. James GOODMAN, Nationalism and Globalism: Social Movement Responses 

3. Pam NILAN, Young People, Politics and Religion in Indonesia 

Human Comparisons Accross Cultures

4. Rosemarie CANT, Caring for the Ailing Aged in Three Societies

5. Todd HOLDEN, Color Coding: Globalization and the Ad

6. Rebecca McHUGH and Raphael Jane PRASETYO, Social Capital in Asia: A Proposal for Discussion

The Practical Fallouts of Globalization on Asian Societies

7. Tim SCRASE, Globalization and the future of Asian Artisan Labor

8. P. G. DHAR CHAKRABARTI, Invisible Economic Activities of Women: Implications for Social Policy in India

9. Jung HOON HAN and Scott BAUM, Residential Mobility in the Seoul Metropolitan region, Who, Where and Why?  


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