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Thematic Issues
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1 - VOLUME 5  (2003), ISSUE 9 (SUMMER)

The Erosion of the Social Link in the Economically Advanced Countries, Part I

Introduction, by Patrick Hunout, Didier Le Gall and Brent Shea

1 - Patrick HUNOUT, Didier LE GALL and Brent SHEA, The Destruction of Society: Challenging the 'Modern' Tryptique: Individualism, Hedonism, Consumerism

Uprising Suicides  

2 - Greg SCOTT, Frank DEANE and Joseph CIARROCHI, The Increasing incidence of suicide: Economic Development, Individualism, and Social Integration

Rise in Loneliness and Psychotropic Drug Use

3 - Warren H. JONES and Lauriann HEBB, The Experience of Loneliness: Objective and Subjective Factors

4 - Philippe LE MOIGNE, Psychotropic Drug Use: Toward a Medical Treatment of Isolation?

Impropriety and Human Relations in Today's Society  

5 - Robin KOWALSKI, The Escalation of Incivility in Western Culture 

Sects and Religious Movements Gaining Ground  

6 - Irving HEXHAM and Karla POEWE, The Rise of Sects in the Western Countries: New Religions and Social Bond

Malaise in Cultural Identity  

7 - Pamela GELLER, Evelyn OROZCO, Ellen MOORE-BOOHAR and Adriana RESTREPO, Multiethnicity: Its impact on Reference Benchmarks

Gender Relationships 

8 - Marcos AGUIAR DE SOUZA and Maria-Cristina FERREIRA, Men-Women Role Expectations: Do they still overlap?


2 - VOLUME 5  (2003), ISSUE 10 (WINTER)

The Erosion of the Social Link in the Economically Advanced Countries, Part II

Introduction, by Patrick Hunout and Brent Shea

1 - Patrick HUNOUT and Brent SHEA, The Decline of The West Revisited

Uprising Divorces  

2 - Duncan CRAMER, Rise in Divorce: The Weakening of Commitment

The Comeback of Homelessness

3 - Evanthe SCHURINK, Homeless People and Social Support: The Process of Becoming Homeless

Loneliness in Today’s Society

4 - Daniel RUSSELL, Emily FLOM, Kelli GARDNER, Carolyn CUTRONA and Robert HESSLING,  Who Makes Friends over the Internet? Alternatives to Loneliness and Virtual Community

Sects and Religious Movements Gaining Ground

5 - Masachi OHSAWA, Religion and Terrorism: The Aum Sect in Japan

Malaise in Cultural Identity

6 - Anton SENEKAL, Willem SCHURINK and Emmerentie OLIPHANT,  Violence and Crime in a Multiethnic Context: A South-African Case Study

Irrelevant Responses to the Crisis 

7 - Bill DOHERTY and Patrick HUNOUT, The Call for Therapists: Good Business for the Professionals, Bad Business for Society?



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