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Thematic Issues
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VOLUME 6 (2004), ISSUE 11 (YEARLY)






In Spain, like in most European countries, the birth rate has decreased dramatically during the last 25 years; so has the number of marriages, while the number of divorces and alternative relationships has increased. These socio-demographic changes have had a strong impact on the family size and on the family roles. This analysis shows that the individualization process of Spanish society is a major cause of the transformation of the family values, hence of the family structures. However, it also shows that individuals combine this increased individualism with a high appraisal of marriage and family.


Social values - Family values - Individualization process - Cultural change - Individualism.


Jose Luis VEIRA is a Professor of Sociology at the University of La Coruña, Spain. His professional interest focuses  on the social values, cultural shift and sociology of  organizations. Lately he has published several articles on social values, individualization process and work values. He has also held  positions as an Academic Secretary and a Vice-president of  the Spanish Sociology Federation. He is currently President of the Galician Sociological Association.


This article is a revised version of a paper presented at the 36th Congress of The International Institute of Sociology held in Beijing, China, 7-11 July 2004. 


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