SQUAS Ratings

Social Cohesion Quality Ratings

TSCF created in 2011 a Rating Department. This Department is in charge of evaluating the quality of service in the private and public sector alike - including governments and government agencies. It uses a pragmatic and empirical approach based on data collected through direct experience and testimonies, while applying the SQUAS rating scale below. Unlike the classic rating agencies, TSCF is fully independent and does not receive funding from the entities subject to rating. Any case can be submitted to the Rating Department at sg(at)socialcapital.is. The procedure lasts three months and uses data and evidence provided by different sources, including the entity rated. 


Public and private organizations often try to dominate their clients and users through technological and legal constraints or through psychological pressures. These ratings are our contribution to more democracy, honesty, accountability and trust between the players of the economic and civic life. 

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