Fundraising for social change is about putting our politics into practice. Asking for, giving, and receiving money are all opportunities to express our values and principles, to act in solidarity. And when we share what matters to us, we begin to build support that is moral and political as well as financial. In alignment with its mission, TSCF needs to diversify its funding base and create a "constituency" of citizens mobilized around building lasting relationships of support. 


TSCF is funded through donations, conference fees, membership fees, grants for research or knowledge-dissemination operations. Donors are individuals or organizations who bring a funding to the development of TSCF, and contribute to its fame. Donations can be in cash or in kind. There is no minimum donation, provided that bank transfer costs are covered by the senders. 


Donors are eligible for membership in TSCF. Their application follows the general procedure. Beyond a certain funding threshold, which amounts to 800€ for an individual and to 2500€ for an organization, the specific conditions of the involvement of a donor in terms of both rights and duties are stated in an agreement. 


Donations can be made:

- For users based in the SEPA area (European Union): by wire transfer to the following account: IBAN: BE63 0003 2599 8408 - BIC: BPOTBEB1. Please mention the following code (important): 100/5055/66660.

- For users from other areas of the world: through World Remit, TransferWise, Western Union, postal orders, or other means of payment. Please contact us for more information.


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