TSCF International Conferences

 TSCF international conferences bear on various subjects associated with social capital. These conferences are diverse and interdisciplinary in nature. They are held in principle every two years.

TSCF has set up the 2004 Brussels conference on the Future of Family (Brussels, May 11-13, 2004), the 2005 Malta I Conference on Social Capital (Buggiba, September 20-22, 2005), the 2006 Plovdiv Seminar on the Risk Society (Plovdiv, June 16-18, 2006), the 2007 Hawaii conference on Ethnic Diversity and Social Capital (Waikiki, November 15-19, 2007), the 2008 Malta II conference on Social Inclusion (Buggiba, September 19-22, 2008), the 2010 Malta III conference on Social Capital in Practice (Mellieha, May 7-10, 2010) and the 2011 conference on the World Economic Crisis and the Social Transformations (Mellieha, 2-5 November 2011).

TSCF has also supported the 2009 Sweden conference on Urban Policies and Social Capital (Lidköping, September 24-26, 2009).

The TSCF conferences are open to all those who want to understand the world in which they live. The academic content of the conferences is excellent but the language used is clear and the conclusions are operational. Emphasis is put on lively presentations based on modern communication techniques, in order to allow congenial, interactive communication style. Speakers are scholars with a wide variety of profiles and practitioners with an established academic background. 


The number of participants in the TSCF international conferences is restricted so as to allow participants to effectively interact. Former participants in the TSCF conferences are part of the larger constituency that TSCF wants to create. They are expected to stay in touch and exchange information. 

The TSCF conferences are preceded with an open call for papers allowing potential speakers to present their projects for review. The abstracts submitted are evaluated by an independent conference program committee. Participation is dependent on compliance with our conference rules and with our terms and conditions

Research presented to the conference can be published by TSCF after further elaboration by the authors and appropriate assessment. 

In addition to its regular international conferences, TSCF may hold high-level meetings and seminars in various places around the world on a rotating basis. 

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