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Research Model

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Evaluation Principle

All publications of TSCF-Editions shall be subject to preliminary evaluation.

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Methodology of Evaluation

TSCF-Editions shall contribute to re-establishing impartial and rational evaluation in the social and economic sciences.

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Evaluation Criteria

TSCF-Editions evaluation criteria shall be the following...

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Evaluation procedure

The following evaluation procedure shall apply...

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Guidelines for Authors

The following guidelines will help authors submit appropriate documents...

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Privacy Policy

Neither the management of TSCF-Editions nor the evaluators disclose to third parties the content of...

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Copyright Policy

All work published by TSCF is subject to copyright. TSCF alone holds the rights pertaining to...

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Overview of Editorial Policy

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The Int. Scope Review

The International Scope® Review (TISR) is an international academic journal that publishes multidisciplinary research...

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