2009 Sweden conference on Urban Policies and Social Capital

TSCF has advised the organization of this conference and ensured the evaluation of the international submissions. 


The following scholars have received approval from TSCF for presenting at this conference:


                              Kerstin Klingborg & Inga Britt Werner,

 "Studying Social Capital in Housing Neighborhoods, does Tenure matter?",


Malin Ericksson & Maria Emmelin, 

"Mobilization of Social Capital in a Local Community",


Anna Machielse, 

"Social Orientations in City and Countryside",


Phil Denning & Andrew McDonald, 

"Adaptative Forms of Social Capital in Midlothian Scotland",


John W. Ballantine Jr, 

"Lonelyville is happy: How and why Suburbs work".  


This list is the exclusive list of the presentations that have received endorsement from TSCF.


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