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  1. Political assassination instigated by US: implications for democracy
    On January 3, 2020, the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was assassinated upon orders of the President of the US. This order targeted a high-ranking official of a sovereign State with which the US was not at war. This behavior is closer to lawless and immoral behavior than to legitimate public…
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  2. Warning on the economy – TSCF calls for middle class friendly policies
    Warning on the economy - Since the 2008 financial crisis, the stock market has more than doubled size. The stocks are overvalued, as cheap money granted by the central banks has fueled speculation and a large debt bubble has built up. The real economy has little if at all benefited…
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  3. TSCF claims for full transparency – Disaster in French city
    TSCF claims for full transparency regarding the disaster that occurred on the 26th of September 2019  in the French city of Rouen. A Lubrizol factory that was producing lubricants for engines and fuel additives burnt entirely overnight. The chemicals stored at the factory released a huge cloud of smoke that…
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  4. TSCF rings the alarm bell concerning corruption and government abuse in Malta
    Having regard to: - the resolution of the European Parliament of 10.11.2017 on fundamental rights in Malta, stating that the independence of law enforcement and the judiciary in Malta is dubious. - the Panama Papers and Malta Files revelations made by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and the European…
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  5. TSCF slams EU for wrong handling of the Greek crisis
    The showdown between the EU and the Greek government has temporarily ended in July 2015 with a new bailout program. This program is symptomatic of the shortcomings of the euro project. That is why TSCF disapproves the EU handling of Greek crisis. EU is responsible, along with the IMF, for…
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  6. TSCF releases White Paper, Political Manifesto
    Our vision for the future of our societies is contained in our analysis of societal change. The following guidelines aim to help discuss and formulate a program for society change. Government has gained an extravagant precedence over our societies . Not only do governments run the public services. They also…
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  7. TSCF slams police of Malta for theft
    In December 2014, we were informed that collection boxes deployed in the island of Malta to help with our local Animal Welfare Program had been stolen by police officers. As a consequence, our capacity to fund our Animal Welfare Program diminished, and the care to the animals could not be…
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  8. TSCF declares interest in animal welfare
    Animals, domestic and wild, are part of the community’s heritage. TSCF urges citizens to act in favor of animal welfare. We also support initiatives for the protection of the animals and the wildlife. We condemn firmly any form of cruelty, should it be perpetrated by individuals or by organizations. Animal…
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  9. TSCF blames EU for disastrous handling of Cyprus bailout
    TSCF expresses its deep preoccupation in the face of the disastrous way EU leaders mismanaged the bailout of Cyprus in March 2013. The first version of the Cyprus bailout plan included a deposit grab which set a bad precedent, imposing a 6.75 percent tax on insured (government guaranteed) deposits and…
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  10. TSCF warns Belgian government against authoritarian drift
    TSCF expresses its deep preoccupation in the face of the evolution of the country, which reflects the evolution of Europe by and large. Back to the nineties, Belgium was a relatively well organized and peaceful country with a still strong spirit of community that allowed to settle issues fairly easily…
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