TSCF slams police of Malta for theft

In December 2014, we were informed that collection boxes deployed in the island of Malta to help with our local Animal Welfare Program had been stolen by police officers.

As a consequence, our capacity to fund our Animal Welfare Program diminished, and the care to the animals could not be ensured as efficiently as we would like to.

TSCF is a sovereign international organization which is entirely independent on governments. We may, to our sole discretion, collect, receive, allocate, spend, save, or transfer any funds linked with our purpose. Donations are the funding we rely on – none being provided for by governments nor expected from them.

If the Government of Malta would have requested from us that we withdraw our collection boxes, we would have done this, as it is our aim to contribute to social harmony. Instead, robbing boxes that bear our name and logo and have a production cost, is an act of a delinquent nature.

As for those people in good faith who had generously donated for the animals, we regret that their funds have never reached their intended recipients. The donors and the beneficiaries are the real owners of these funds, and they have been embezzled by government bureaucracy.

The case of the Malta Police Force has been transmitted to our Rating Department, amidst reports of corruption, lack of transparency, concussion and ineffectiveness.

Once again, it appears that governments undermine social trust, impose on others rules they do not abide by themselves, and live on the back of civil society. The eradication of their monopoly is more than ever necessary, and may well be put on the agenda by the upcoming global crisis.