TSCF calls for freedom on the internet

TSCF hails the Internet strikes that appear to have derailed US projects meant to limit freedom on the Internet.

  • The Internet as factor of liberty:

The Internet has revolutionized the editorial industry, by allowing a huge number of outsiders to address the public without necessarily possessing  capital or institutional support. As a consequence, it allowed them to escape government control, and eventually that strengthened freedom and a vibrant  civil society.

  • Government control over the Internet:

However,  governments are  trying to limit freedom of speech on the Internet, and generally to put the  Internet under control. TSCF supports full freedom for the Internet.

  • Governance of the Internet:

The governance of the Internet should be reformed. ICANN should be democratized and transferred from US to a neutral country where it would be subject to international law.

  • Internet registration clauses:

Almost all Internet registrars copy-paste the leonine ICANN clauses, when they do not worsen them. According to their terms, they may suspend, transfer or cancel to their liking the domains you own. This gives them discretionary power with considerable potential implications for domain name owners. This paves the way for abuse. Access to Internet registration should be made more democratic, competitive and open.

  • Anti-spam regulations

Another area for potential progress is the anti-spam regulations. They should be reviewed, so as to allow small- and medium-sized organizations to  generate awareness and grow. The concept of “unsolicited message” should be more clearly defined and not yield to an excessive interpretation of the protection of privacy.