TSCF declares interest in animal welfare

Animals, domestic and wild, are part of the community’s heritage. TSCF urges citizens to act in favor of animal welfare. We also support initiatives for the protection of the animals and the wildlife.

We condemn firmly any form of cruelty, should it be perpetrated by individuals or by organizations. Animal cruelty includes culling, “euthanasia”, systematic neutering, hunting, fishing, mistreatment, and any form of direct or indirect damage to animals and animal species.

In this respect, TSCF draws the attention of the public to the hidden agenda pursued by a large number of charities. By neutering systematically feral animals, these organizations are attempting to drive them to extinction. This expresses the agenda of an Orwellian society in which animals like humans would be highly regulated. They also practice euthanasia should they be short on budget to feed the animals they are supposed to help.

Because animals need it, we urge individuals, charities and government bodies to engage into ethical reflection about animal welfare and to upgrade their knowledge of animal behaviors and needs.

We call for an overhaul of animal rights and a simplification of the rules of evidence in cases of animal cruelty.